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Technical Analysis


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The Main Cause of Failure of Some Popular Technical Trading Methods

Trading Strategies

Price Patterns With Delayed Entry

Market Statistics, Premium Content, Trader education

A Common Mistake in Calculating Correlations

Trader education

Leverage, Margin and Trading Account Capitalization [Premium Articles]

Technical Analysis

Chaos in Technical Analysis and Backtesting – Part III: Split-adjusted Data

Premium Content

Are the Returns of Your Fund Manager Platykurtic or Leptokurtic?

Trading Strategies

Another Curve-Fitted Counter-Trend Strategy

Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies

Your Next Challenge Involves Staying Ahead of Academic Research

Trading Strategies

There is no Evidence that Counter-Trend Trading is Viable

Trading Strategies

An Analysis of the Double 7s Strategy [Premium Articles]

Market Statistics, Trading Strategies

The Best Trading System of All Time Fully Disclosed

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Risk of Ruin For Dummies

Market Statistics

Managed Futures Funds Are Scared of Commodities

Market Statistics, Trend following

Systematic Stock Index Trend Followers Are An Easy Prey

Technical Analysis

Market in the Last Stages of Preparing For a Strong Rebound

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