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Technical Analysis

Market in the Last Stages of Preparing For a Strong Rebound

Trader education

The Fallacy of Rare Events and Fat Tails [Premium Articles]

Trading Strategies, Trend following

Commodity Futures Trend-followers Should Adapt to New Market Realities

Market Statistics, Technical Analysis

Investors in Shipping Stocks Defiant of Shipping Fundamentals

Price Action Strategies, Trading Strategies

Machine Designed High Reward-Risk SPY Trading System

Market Statistics

The Transfer of Wealth Path

Market Statistics, Technical Analysis

The VIX Illusion

Economic Analysis, Technical Analysis

The Impeccable Timing of QE3

Market Statistics, Trading Strategies

Never Pull the Trigger Unless You Know the RIsk and Reward

Economic Analysis, Technical Analysis

Baltic Dry Index is Flirting With Panic Levels

Price Action Strategies, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies

Forward Performance Report of Machine Generated Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

Fooled by Multiple Comparisons When Developing Systems For Single Securities or Portfolios

Technical Analysis

Further Analytical Evidence that VIX Just Tracks the Inverse of Price

Economic Analysis, Risk Management

A New Paradigm for Equity Investment Risk

Technical Analysis

On the Zero Predictive Capacity of VIX

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