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What you can and cannot do with a demo version of DLPAL

The demo will run for 14 days after it is installed or for up to 50 executions of the program. Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest build available from our website. We will not be held responsible for any spyware or malware packed in demo versions downloaded from other websites.

You cannot:

  • Get the full code of strategies and systems of strategies
  • Run System Tracking for signals (S and DQ)
  • Generate feature history (LS)

But you can:

  • Search and scan for strategies (S and DQ)
  • Generate feature values (LS)
  • Add systems to System Tracking (S and DQ)
  • Backtest strategies and systems in and out-of-sample (S and DQ)
  • Perform portfolio backtests (S and DQ)
  • See performance parameter values
  • Analyze the robustness of strategies (S and DQ)
  • Convert ascii data
  • Generate in and out-of-sample files
  • Use all available tools

If you have any questions contact us.


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