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Performance of Price Action Lab Blog Strategies

The year-to-date performance of Price Action Lab Blog Strategies.

Last update: August 5, 2022, after the market close.
Performance includes commission and it is based on backtests.
The year-to-date average performance of all strategies is  -3.5%
S&P 500 year-to-date return: -13%.

Weekly Strategies 

Strategy YTD Strategy Type/Market(s)/Timeframe/Positions
TFD3W -8.0% Systematic Asset Allocation/ETFs/Weekly/Long-only
MRSPYW -9.5% Mean-reversion/SPY/Weekly/Long-only
ETF4RW -5.7% Cross-sectional Momentum/ETFs/Weekly/Long-only
ETFNRW -0.7% Cross-sectional Momentum/ETFs/Weekly/Long-only
DOWWN +5.4% Machine Learning/Dow 30 stocks/Weekly/Long-Short
MRDOWW -1.3% Mean-reversion/Dow 30 stocks/Weekly/Long-only
FACTWLS +3.1% Cross-sectional Momentum/ETFs/Weekly/Long-short

The signals of the above strategies are available in weekly systematic trading reports for subscribers. Click here for more details.

Monthly Strategy

TFD3M -5.1% Systematic Asset Allocation/ETFs/Monthly/Long-only

The monthly systematic asset allocation signals are provided to Market Signals or All in One premium subscribers as a bonus. Click here for more details. 

End-Of-Day Strategies

MRDJ -7.0% Mean-reversion breakouts/Dow 30 stocks/EOD/Long-only
MRETF -7.5% Mean-reversion/breakouts/ETFs/EOD/Long-only
MRETFLS +2.0% Mean-reversion/breakouts/ETFs/EOD/Long-short
B2S2 -4.4% Mean-reversion/Dow 30 stocks/EOD/Long-only

The rules of MRDJ and MRETF strategies are offered as a free bonus to All in One subscribers after their first three-month renewal. The rules of MRDJ, MRETF, and MRETFLS strategies are offered as a free bonus to annual All in One subscribers. For more details click here. 

PSI5 Algo Mean-Reversion Strategies

PSI5ETF -3.1% PSI5 Algo Mean-reversion/breakouts/ETFs/EOD/Long-only
PSI5DOW -6.8% PSI5 Algo Mean-reversion/breakouts/Dow 30 stocks/EOD/Long-only

For more information about the PSI5 algo click here.

For trend-following performance of the PSI5 algo click here.

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