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DLPAL Software Demo

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Security update: Some browsers, including Chrome and Microsoft Edge, are known to flag legitimate and clean software as potential malware. In addition, after downloading the demo file and double-clicking on it you may get a security warning that “the publisher could not be verified” or that the publisher is unknown. You can safely ignore these warnings. DLPAL was tested with 47 antivirus programs before being uploaded and it was found not to contain any virus, spyware, or adware.

After downloading a demo version you should review the manual to learn about the capabilities of the software. Also, please take a moment to read our disclaimer. Downloading and installing the software means that you have read the disclaimer and accepted the Terms and Conditions included below.

Click here to read about the two versions of DLPAL and their main use.

DLPAL DQ: 4-month fully-functional licenses.


Price: $450 for one fully functional license installation.


DLPAL LS: 2-month fully functional license. 


Price: $750. For professional traders and hedge funds. Fully functional trial of DLPAL LS.


FAQ: Why do you charge for demos?

We do not offer demos; we offer full-functional versions. Usually, some vendors offer reduced-functionality demos for a limited time. We do not think this is enough time to learn the program. In addition, this is a way to attract only serious traders who understand the value of investing in trading tools.

Steps for requesting a fully functional trial:

Step 1: Contact us to request a fully functional trial and the version you would like.

Step 2: You will receive the payment instructions. Within 72 hours after your payment, we will email the instructions for downloading the fully-functional trial.


Demo license terms and conditions

You are granted a non-exclusive license to use one copy of the software program (the “Software”) on a single computer terminal for a limited evaluation period and by the terms and conditions of the software license agreement. We recommend using the demo first to become familiar with the program. Please make sure that you have determined whether this program suits your needs before placing an order to purchase a license for the full program. There is a strict limit of one trial license per customer. 

DLPAL is a tool for identifying strategies in historical price data that can be used as building blocks to develop trading systems. DLPAL will not create final systems for auto trading. The user of the software has to put the work necessary for developing a trading system according to desired criteria and risk/reward objectives. Trading system development is a difficult and time-consuming task and success with it is not guaranteed. Read our disclaimer before ordering a license of DLPAL.

Program requirements (minimum configuration)   

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Processor speed: Pentium III 400 or faster processor
Ram: 256 MB minimum
Hard disk free memory: 100 MB