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DLPAL Software Testimonials

Click here for the results of a customer survey. Below are real testimonials from real customers. 

“DLPAL has really broaden our education and love for machine learning. It has opened up new perspectives of trading for us. Please keep up the great work.”, V.B., Thailand

” I love this product”, K. K., Switzerland.

“I have already purchased the DLPAL S and appreciate all the hard work put into the software.”, V. B., Thailand

“Thanks for everything over the years!”, H.R., Los Angeles, CA. 

“Long/Short with [DL]PAL+ machine learning is working very well. Strong out performance over the last three months.”, A.F., Italy.

“I’m starting to feel impressed with this software…”, T. G., Thailand

“I really appreciate the support you have given me… It’s the fastest and best support I have had from any stock-related program.”,  P.G., Sweden

“I have been using the software and marvel at the features available within it. Bravo to the Development Team and Coders!”, A.B., MI

“I just wanted to say thank you and to mention that the  software is working brilliantly for me.”, A.F., Italy.

“Your product is unique and, in my view, quite valuable”, J.F., CA

“I’ve enjoyed all of Mike’s [Harris] books and use of his software and I’m grateful for Mike [Harris] sharing his knowledge on price pattern generation.”, P. K., Australia

“I have been using the software and am very impressed with it.”, M.P., United Kingdom

“I recommend the software because it does what it says in the label, honest!”, E. P., United Kingdom

“Thanks for your help and I want you to know that I am very impressed with the software and your support.”, B.W., NC

“Thanks for an excellent software product, and a different view on trading the markets.”, M. B., United Kingdom

“I would not miss it for my trading. I also would like to thank you for your first class support…For me the software works and I’m happy that I have bought the software.”, W.S. Germany

Customer comments

“I used an popular GP software to try to develop trading systems and each one of them failed. I wasted more than two years. I like your program because it is different… Keep up with the good work.” H.

“A colleague has been using one of your competitor’s products: [name removed] and been extremely frustrated with real world performance.” . L. S., NC.

“I have purchased other programs [name removed] and have not been able to generate useful systems.” M. C., AZ.

“In my opinion people buy software and want immediate success without work and without thinking about the code of the computer generated strategy. That is the reason why most of them fail…”  W. S., Germany.