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Trading Strategies
Adding Timing to Stock/Bond/Gold Allocation
Adding Gold to Stock/Bond Strategic Allocation
Timing Vs. Rebalancing
Performance Improvement of Monthly Price Series Momentum Strategy
Does a 4-day RSI Forecast 3-Day Forward Returns?
Strategy for Trading Gold Based On 10-Year Note Yields
Strategic and Tactical Stocks/Bonds Allocation
Long Vs. Short Volatility Analysis
Volatility Strategy with Nearly 300% Year-to-Date Return
Reverse Engineering of Trading Strategies
The Fallacy of Frequent Small Losses and Occasional Very Big Winners
Buying Dow 30 Stocks that Have Fallen Most Versus Those that Have Risen Most
The Most Powerful Trading Strategy on Earth
Price Action Anomalies
Price Action Anomaly For High Probability Short Trades
Overnight Anomaly in SPY ETF Finally Explained
Fooled By Upward Market Bias
Reflexivity and How it Affects Price Action
Seasonality Anomalies
A High Probability Calendar Edge During Bear Markets
S&P 500 Performance After Strong and Weak Years
January Effect on Small-Cap Stocks
An Interesting Anomaly
Price Action Anomaly With 25% Return in 2020
Naïve Analysis of Stock Market Seasonality
Two Gold Seasonality Strategies
Seasonality and Anomalous Price Action Of Two Major ETFs
Trend-Following and Momentum Strategies
Trend-Following and Momentum Strategies Performance
Performance of Trend-following and Momentum in TSLA
Factor Realities and a Rotational Strategy
Trend-Following Strategy for S&P 500 Stocks
Adding Time Series Momentum Timing and Leverage to 60/40 Portfolio
Trends Can Be Unfriendly to Trend Followers
Macro Analysis
Inflation, Interest Rates and the Stock Market
Essential Knowledge about the Fed and its Mandate
CRB Index and Inflation
Do Ratios with GDP in Denominator Make Any Sense?
Tail Risk and Diversification
How the Market Tricked Investors During Dot Com Crash
Is Any Diversification Needed?
Do Bonds Always Rally When Stocks Plunge?
Does It Pay to Worry About Tail Events in the Stock Market?
Correlations and Volatility
Are Asset Correlations Random?
Volatility Near Market Tops
Asset Correlations
The Stock-Bond Correlation
An Alleged Correlation Under Scrutiny
Stock-Bond Correlation Impact on Strategic Allocation Returns
Misconceptions About NASDAQ-100 Volatility and S&P 500/VIX Correlation
Volatility Patterns During Bear Markets
This is Why Savvy Investors Avoid the Stock Market When Volatility Increases
Standard Deviation Vs. Mean Absolute Deviation
Emerging and Ex-US Equity Markets
Determining The Effect Of Time-Based Stops
Long-Term Outperformance and Relation to Edge
Differences in Backtest Results For Indexes, ETFs, and Futures
Beware of These Backtests
When Over-fitted Strategies Fail

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