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Fooled by Technical Analysis: The perils of charting, backtesting and data-mining – Comment section

Readers may post below comments, questions or suggestions about the book Fooled by Technical Analysis: The perils of charting, backtesting and data-mining.


  1. C. V.

    I don’t believe I’m at par to judge the quality of this work, but I know clarity of mind when I see one, definitely recommended if you are into it.

  2. Luc

    I am really impressed with the subscription to your Price Action Lab Blog and avidly reading in the book "Fooled by Technical Analysis" (currently in chapter 5)

  3. Vernon

    Your book "Fooled by Technical Analysis is fantastic!

  4. blank


    … having read your books is one of the most profitable investments of my short life. Thanks

  5. blank


    Fooled By Technical Analysis is the opposite of most books: it offers far more than the title says. In addition, the book chapters on how not to develop a trading system is something that is not found in books on the subject and a must-read for anyone considering trading rules.

  6. blank


    I just read your book "Fooled by Technical Analysis" for the first time and I have to say that, it was quite an eye opener

  7. blank


    Very nice work, especially Chapter 6.

  8. blank

    John R.

    This is one of the best books I have read on trading and system development, if not the best. A fresh look at the subject. Now moving to the other book.

  9. blank


    Probably the best book about trading I have ever read. Thank you Mr. Harris for sharing your knowledge on this subject.

  10. blank

    Fernando A.

    hi Mike,

    Thanks for publishing your book "Fooled by Technical Analysis". It has been a challenging and fun read. Wanted to ask you 2 questions regarding Chapter 7.

    1. On pg 1/7 you state, "In the case of percentage stop-loss, the exit level may not be known in advance and position size determination must be made based on certain assumptions". Is that because you cannot know the open price of the next bar, and the s/l trigger price will depend on that unknown open price?

    2. On pg 3/7 you state, "If the price is lower than 200, then the maximum number of shares allowed should be used for the position size in place of the number calculated by Equation 7.5". Shouldn't that be the other way around, when the price falls below use (7.5) but above then the max allowed?

    Thanks in advance,

    • blank
      Comment by post author

      Hello Fernando,

      1. Exactly. When a percent of entry price is used the stop-loss amount is known only after the trade is executed. Usually differences are small but there is always uncertainty, for example in case of large gaps.

      2. If P = 200 and capital is 100K then 500 shares can be bought. If price is 100, then 1,000 shares can be bought but risk will be 4%, not 2%. You are correct, this is an error, it should read "If the price is higher than 200…". Thanks for catching it.



  11. blank

    Tom B.

    This is the best trading book I have ever read. It changed the way I look at technical analysis and trading. I agree with comment by nick diran above: "It's an eyes opener!

    Thank you Michael Harris for this!

  12. blank

    Alex B.

    …reading your book has been a great breath of fresh air, complete gold in there…

  13. blank

    Johannes L.

    Hello Michael,

    I'm an avid reader of your blog and of your books. Especially the last one Fooled by Technical Analysis was an eye opener for me.

  14. blank

    Tadas Talaikis

    Excellent book, it sums up every fragment I've gathered through experience. And hate it (or myself) because I've lost so much time swimming in the sea of nonsense, and developing biased stuff. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Michael.

    BTW, I have created book page on Goodreads:

  15. blank

    Joshua G

    Mr Harris
    Your book is an eye opener for me. I really appreciate you spending the
    time to write the book.

  16. blank

    nick diran

    Seriously for 50 USD this was one of best book I have ever read. Whatever the format! The chapter 6 and 7 probably made me save 50k$ alone.
    First this blog is excellent and for free. Second this book made think seriously about my backtesting process and my risk exposure in a very important way. the book is clear and full of example that anybody will understand. if it's only to support Michael to continue to publish more work like this that i would subcribe again!
    Here is the work of someone with 30 years of experience who is brutally honest and will make you think in more than one way about your 'superb quantitative algorithm'.
    It's an eyes opener!

  17. blank


    Hello Mr. Harris,

    I have never thought before that by using my backtesting program a lot I would be limiting my chances for a good system. Now that I think about it it makes sense. Thank you so much for helping us traders to find our ways.

    Your book is incredible.


  18. blank


    Michael, this is an excellent book. I'm really enjoying it and agree with you about chart analysis and TA indicators. Do you plan to offer an e-book?


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