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The rules of the strategies are available for sale. The PSI5 strategy/algo is sold subject to acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement. Please read our disclaimer before ordering. Contact us below using the form for a copy of the agreement and payment instructions.


Strategy/Algo Description Price*
PSI5 Mean-reversion/Trend-following algo/strategy Contact us
REPA CTA Replication Strategy For Hedge Funds Contact us

*Limited-time offers or algo sales may be terminated without prior notice. 

Delivery: We provide a PDF with a detailed description of the strategy/algo rules for informational purposes only.  


The rules* of four strategies are available for sale separately and in a bundle. The strategies have simple rules and do not expect anything complicated.

The price for all four strategies plus the bonus strategy is $3,980. Contact us for any available discounts using the form below.

Strategy Description Markets Price
MRETF Mean-reversion/breakouts Long-only SPY, QQQ, TLT $495
MRETFLS Mean-reversion/breakouts Long-short SPY, QQQ, TLT $995
B2S2 Mean-reversion Long-only Dow 30 stocks $1,495
TFDLS Trend-following Futures long-short $1,495
TFRUTLS Trend-following Small cap stocks long-short Bonus

*The rules we provide are sufficient for programming the strategies on a trading platform. All sales are final, and no refunds will be made on any purchase. No refunds are given for cancellations or under any circumstances, and there is no exception. 

The rules of MRETF are offered as a free bonus to All in One subscribers after their first three-month renewal. Offer not valid with discount coupons or other promotions unless otherwise specified. 

Performance (Last update: Close of March 28, 2023)

Strategy Start Date CAGR Max. DD Correlation* Skew**
MRETF 01/02/2003 5.5% -8.7% +0.42 -1.2
MRETFLS 01/02/2003 5.8% -15.2% +0.08 -1.7
B2S2 01/02/1993 17.5% -30.5% +0.87 -1.2
TFDLS 01/03/2000 13.1% -39.6% -0.13 +3.8

*5,000-day correlation with S&P 500 index.  ** Skew of trade % Profit.

Correlation matrix (5,340 returns, as of March 28, 2023)

Delivery: The trading rules are in the form of “locked content” in the articles links above and are unlocked after paying for a subscription to the strategies. For more information and to order, use the form below.


PSI5 Algo for Convergent and Divergent Strategies

The algo is not data-mined but based on a formula from probability theory. This algo can be used for mean-reversion and trend-following to trade portfolios of large-cap stocks, ETFs, and futures contracts.

Timeframe: daily and weekly.

Application examples and general information


REPA CTA Replication Strategy For Hedge Funds

General information

CTA Replication Strategy For Hedge Funds


B2S2 Mean-Reversion Strategy For Trading Dow 30 Stocks

This is a strategy for trading Dow 30 stocks with no parameters to optimize and no filters.

Application examples

Trading Strategy For Dow 30 Stocks
A remarkably simple trading strategy with exceptional performance


MRETF Mean-Reversion Strategy 

This is a long-only mean-reversion strategy for trading SPY, QQQ, and TLT based on price breakouts.

Timeframe: Daily.

Application examples

Mean-Reversion Strategy For SPY, QQQ, and TLT


MRETFLS Mean-Reversion Strategy 

This is a long-short mean-reversion strategy for trading SPY, QQQ, and TLT based on price breakouts.

Timeframe: Daily.

Application examples

Mean-Reversion Strategy For SPY, QQQ, and TLT


TFDLS Trend-following Strategy

This is a long-short trend-following strategy for trading futures contracts based on price breakouts.

Application examples

Trend-Following Strategy For Trading Futures
Dynamic Stops In Trend-Following. Do they Make A Difference?


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