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PSI5 Trend-Following Performance Update-June 9, 2023

Photo by Alesia Kozik

This article provides an update on the performance of the PSI5 strategy applied in divergent (trend-following) mode to 23 futures contracts in the daily and weekly timeframes.

The PSI5 algo is not data-mined but based on a formula that models price action from a text in probability theory. The algo can be used in mean-reversion (convergent) or trend-following (divergent) mode. The examples below are for the performance of the algo in a divergent mode with daily and weekly futures data. For recent convergent mode results click here.


Initial capital: $10 million
Timeframe: Daily or weekly data
Markets: 23 futures contracts (Norgate Data)
Strategy: PSI5 algo, long-short
Entries: Next open
Exits: Next open or stop intraday.
Risk management: Stop-loss based on ATR
Position sizing: Based on 0.5% risk per position
Backtest period: 01/03/2000 – 06/09/2023
Commission and slippage: None

*The full details of the strategy are in the document provided to customers who purchase the PSI5 algo. 

Daily data

Equity curve, Yearly returns, Daily Returns, and Drawdown profile


Year-to-date the strategy is up 3.3% after gaining 31.3% last year.

Weekly data

Equity curve, Yearly returns, Daily Returns, and Drawdown profile


Year-to-date the strategy is up 3.9% after gaining 48.9% last year.

Performance comparison table

CAGR 13.6% 13.2%
MAX. DD -27.4% -21.4%
VOLATILITY 19.4% 17.0%
SHARPE 0.66 0.77
WIN % 20.0% 35.4%
PAYOFF 6.5 3.7
ALL TRADES 1042 645
AVERAGE TRADE % 17.8% 52.1%
EXPOSURE 66% 60%
AVERAGE BARS HELD 197 (daily bars) 46 (weekly bars)


The choice of timeframe is not important in long-term trend-following, although it may affect the level of “trading comfort”. Daily data yields a lower win rate and more trades, but a higher payoff ratio. On the other hand, weekly data yield a much higher win rate and fewer trades, but a lower payoff ratio. The discipline of execution is more important in trend-following than the choice of timeframe. In the long term, the performances of the two strategies are statistically indistinguishable. Following the strategy is a necessary condition for realizing long-term expectations.

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Charting and backtesting program: Amibroker. Data provider: Norgate Data

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