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The Problem Of The Stock Market In One Chart

This one chart shows what is wrong now with the U.S. stock market and potentially what can go wrong. A price will be paid but the day of reckoning is delayed.

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DLPAL Strategy For GLD With Validation in TLT and SPY

This is an example of a strategy for trading GLD in the daily timeframe developed by DLPAL S. The results are validated in TLT and SPY.

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Why The Financial Media Is Wrong About The Rally In Gold

Gold rallied about 2% after the rate increase announcement yesterday. The financial media believes that this was a typical “buy the fact” reaction. They are wrong.

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Fibonacci Voodoo On Gold

Gold prices retraced about 38% of their previous uptrend that started in December of last year and peaked during last July. One could say that gold prices found support at the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level but that is more like … Continue reading

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Backtesting Conundrum

About a week ago I ran into a backtesting conundrum while analyzing a simple relative strength ETF rotation strategy.  A call to quants to compare results received only one answer but the cooperation led to a solution and to a … Continue reading

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What is so Special About the 200-Day Moving Average? The GLD Case

The importance of the 200-day simple moving average as a trend indicator is well-known and indisputable. Even those who do not use technical analysis pay attention to this average. But why 200 days and not 250, for example? The latter should better describe a yearly … Continue reading

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