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Trading Services

We provide trading services strictly to hedge funds and professional traders. We do not solicit or manage funds directly. We can provide signals from our strategies and also trade them with limited trading access to an account of a hedge fund or professionally qualified trader. The client can choose the strategies they want us to trade from the list below.

Currently, we offer the following strategies:

Futures trend following: This long/short strategy trades 23 futures contracts. The minimum capital is $1 million. It is based on our proprietary PSI5 algo in the daily timeframe.

ETF long/short mean-reversion: This long/short strategy trades SPY, QQQ, and TLT ETFs in the daily timeframe.

Dow-30 Long-only mean-reversion: This long-only strategy trades Dow-30 stocks in the daily timeframe.

Ensemble of 6 trading strategies: The ensemble combines dynamic tactical allocation, mean-reversion, long-short with machine learning, and cross-sectional momentum in an attempt to maintain a Sharpe ratio above 1 at the smallest possible maximum drawdown. The signals are generated every week.

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Disclaimer: We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, fitness, or timeliness of any particular purposes of any strategy. Under no circumstances the strategies should be treated as financial advice. Please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

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