Deep Search Add-on For DLPAL S

We are pleased to announce the Deep Search Add-on for DLPAL S. This add-on increases significantly the power of the software in identifying price action anomalies.

The Deep Search Add-on extends maximum number of sub-clusters in major feature clusters from 120 to 616. In addition, the new group of Deep major clusters extend the search capability from 6 bars in the Extended cluster to 9 bars. But there is more: four partitions of the Deep cluster are provided and the new add-on allows multiple instance capability. This means that with four instances the execution time can be reduced by a factor of four. This is substantial improvement in performance.

Below is a screenshot of a search workspace with the new add-on installed:

Under Major Feature Clusters there are options for Deep and Deep1, Deep2, Deep3 and Deep4, with each having 154 distinct feature sub-clusters. The results of four instances can be merged using the tool in File Maintenance and then saved for analysis and strategy development.

The Deep Search Add-on is available separately. For more information contact us at pal @ priceactionlab com or by using this form.

You can order a demo of DLPAL S from this link. For more articles about DLPAL S click here.

If you have any questions or comments, happy to connect on Twitter: @priceactionlab

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