Michael Harris started trading stocks and commodity and currency futures 25 years ago. He is also a software developer of advanced pattern recognition software for the benefit of position and swing traders. Michael developed APS Automatic Pattern Search software which has received great acclaim and recently Price Action Lab, a program that is used by both systematic and discretionary traders to develop trading systems and analyze price action that includes the p-indicator, which is an advanced indicator based on price patterns. He also provides consulting services about trading system development and market analysis to institutional investors and hedge funds.

In years past, Michael has also done work for a number of different financial firms, where he developed a bond portfolio optimization program and trading systems for commodities and stocks. Since 1989, he has been an active trader.

Michael is also a best selling author. His first book “Short-Term Trading with Price Patterns” was published in 1999. His other two books “Stock Trading Techniques with Price Patterns” and “Profitability and Systematic Trading” were published in 2000 and 2008, respectively.

Michael holds two Masters degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in control systems and optimization and another in Operations Research with emphasis in forecasting and financial engineering.

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