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Customer Survey Results – DLPAL Software Performance in Low Volatility Markets

We contacted a few expert users of DLPAL to find out how the programs is performing in this current low volatility environment. All traders may find the results of this survey useful despite methods used because the responses came from … Continue reading

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Risk-On Despite High Risk Calls

Purchases of higher risk securities have accelerated in the last few days despite warnings from analysts that risks have increased. This exemplifies the widening gap between analyst calls and actual market price action.

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Risking Less to Make More Was Only a Short-Term Aberration

For some time it was puzzling: Betting on high volatility S&P 500 stocks generated a fraction of the returns as compared to betting on low volatility stocks. Now things have settled back near the norm, i.e. the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Here are … Continue reading

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