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DLPAL LS Conservative Versus Normal Cluster

A frequently asked question about DLPAL LS is about the cluster choice. Below is an example of how cluster choice can affect daily results.

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DLPAL DQ Multiple Long Signals In $BA

Multiple long signals in $BA were generated by a DLPAL DQ scan of DOW 30 stocks after the close of last Friday. The company announced on the following Monday an increase in dividend by 20 percent and a $18 billion … Continue reading

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Neal Berger: Trend-Following Won’t Survive

Neal Berger, the CIO of Eagle’s View Asset Management, thinks trend-following and other “pedestrian” quant strategies, such as momentum, won’t survive due to lack of dumb money. I have also been saying this for a few years.

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What You Want From The Market Vs. What It Can Give You

Although there are many rules about trading, I can offer only one in this article because after nearly 25 years in the markets, I have seen many popular rules violated one after the other. My rule is: try to get … Continue reading

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Announcing DLPAL S: Quantitative Trading For All

After receiving numerous requests for it, we are pleased to announce DLPAL S. This software offers quantitative trading functionality at very low cost.

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Developing Forex Trading Strategies With DLPAL

In this article we include an example of trading strategy development for the GBP/USD forex pair with the use of DLPAL software.

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