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Discretionary Trading Challenge

Discretionary trading is hard and this is one reason it is being abandoned and replaced by systematic trading. Below is just an example of a trade from last week.

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Just Follow The System

It is paradoxical but investor anxiety rises near all-time highs. This may have to do with cognitive biases and specifically hyperbolic discounting, i.e., the tendency to want an immediate payoff. At the same time, when markets are rallying, there is … Continue reading

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Use Algos to Fight The Algos

Every trader’s resolution for this year should include a transition to a mode of operation that is compatible with current market environment. Among other things, this includes abandoning random discretionary trading and adopting a systematic framework. When human traders start … Continue reading

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Forward Performance Of Two Machine-Designed Trading Algos

Last April I wrote an article where I introduced a strict validation method for machine-designed trading algos. This article includes  the forward performance of the trading algo in that article, as well as, of another algo that was machine-designed in … Continue reading

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