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Gain 1% from Open to Close on a Down Market Day with Long Positions

This is what DLPAL DQ managed yesterday: 9 long position signals in S&P 100 large caps as of the close of Wednesday, February 6, 2019, resulted in an average gain of 1% from open to the close next day with the index falling 1.1%.

There were 7 winning and 2 losing signals from open to close of Thursday, February, 7, 2019,. These signals were generated at the close of February 6, 2019, as shown below:


DLPAL DQ managed to catch the top win of the day, NEE. Below is a list of stocks that gained on the day from the list of 85 S&P 100 stocks we scan each day:


NEE was the top gainer and DLPAL DQ generated a signal for it. Signals were also generated for WMT, EXC, RTN, SO, DUK and GD, and all these stocks had positive gains for the day. Signals in T and MO generated losses.

It is hard to generate a profit on a down day with lo position because timing must be perfect. In the particular case the timing was nearly perfect. This is also a validation test: how do long signals fair in down markets? If they only fair good in up markets the output may be random. So forget about academic validation tests and try some practical ones, like the one just described.

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