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DLPAL software

Running DLPAL Multiple Instances

A brief account of DLPAL software multiple instances options and related offer.

Execution time for identification of strategies when using DLPAL (any version) can be significantly reduced when running multiple instances of the program on one or several computers. When multiple instances are also combined with major feature cluster partitions, then execution time can be reduced further.

For example, the DLPAL S extended cluster can be divided into 12 sub-clusters to run 12 instances of the program on one computer assuming it offers 12-core CPU capability or on three computers each having 4-core CPU.  This special version of DLPAL S is called unlimited license and allows running multiple instances of the program on unlimited machines owned by the licensee. Custom versions can allow 2 – 12 sub-clusters depending on customer needs. For a related article click here. 

DLPAL DQ already offers two sub-clusters of the extended cluster in the standard version that can be used with multiple instances.

Below is the general idea:


The results of all instances can be combined by suing the Merge function available in File Maintenance under Tools.  Click here for more details.

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