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DLPAL software

DLPAL S Deep Add-On Update

The Deep Search Add-on extends maximum number of sub-clusters of major feature clusters from 120 in Extended to 616.  DLPAL S with Deep Add-on now preserves the four Extended partitions in addition to the new four Deep partitions. Note that the Extended cluster is subset of Deep cluster but still some customers may wish to use the Extended cluster partitions in some studies although they also have the Deep Add-on installed.


In total there are 20 clusters to choose from. Results from Extended and Deep partitions can be combined using the Marge option from File Maintenance. For more details click here and scroll down to “Merging Search Workspace Results .”

The idea for having the four Extended and Deep partitions is to reduce search time by running four different instances of the program. Multiple instances option is required for taking advantage of the multiple partitions feature.

For more details click here.

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