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DLPAL software

NinjaTrade 8 Code Generation Option in DLPAL S and DLPAL DQ

We are pleased to announce NinjaTrader 8 code generation for DLPAL  S and DLPAL DQ strategy synthesis and identification software programs.

After this latest addition, both programs generate code for strategies (and systems of strategies in the case of DLPAL S) for the following platforms:

  • Tradestation EasyLanguage
  • Tradestation 2000i Easylanguage
  • Multicharts 7 (EasyLanguage)
  • Amibroker AFL
  • Quantopian Python code
  • NinjaTrader 7 and 8

DLPAL S identifies parameter-less strategies in historical price data that fulfill user-defined performance statistics and risk/reward parameters. The program generates code for strategies and systems of strategies. Several validation methods are available for testing the significance of the results.


DLPAL DQ is an end-of-day scanner for discretionary quantitative traders. The software scans any number of securities for price action anomalies. Validation tools are included and code is generated for a variety of platforms for further testing.


We are the pioneers in strategy identification and automatic code generation with the first commercial program released in 2001 that generated EasyLanguage code.

Trading System Synthesis (TSS) and Forward Synthesis of Trading Systems™ (FSTS) are concepts I have presented in my books and articles since 1999. In an article in Active Trader Magazine (”Price Pattern Autopilot”, Active Trader Magazine, September 2002, p. 70.) I presented a software program that could identify repeatable price pattern formations in historical data that fulfilled user-defined performance criteria and risk/reward objectives and also generated exact code for Tradestation, as well as, pseudo code and formula code for other platforms.  Source. 

For more information about DLPAL S and DLPAL DQ click here.