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The “Puetz Window”

The rebound in stocks after the March 2009 bottom will be entering its twelfth year soon. Fundamentals and technicals have disappointed bears in forecasting major tops, and some have turned to idiosyncratic methods, including astrology. A new “Puetz window” presents an opportunity, according to some.

I specifically wrote about a rebound because there is a misconception among many analysts that the bull market started in 2009. As I wrote in July 2016, the bull market started in 2013.


The bull market is actually in its eighth year, although the rebound started nearly 12 years ago.

Nothing has worked in the last seven years, technical or fundamental. There is hope now because of a “Puetz window.” What is that?

Steve Puetz has studied market cycles. Among his interesting works is the analysis of cycles triggered by lunar and solar eclipses. The “Puetz window” opens after the first full moon following a solar eclipse when there is also a lunar eclipse. Does this sound complicated? Here is a chart for the 1987 crash.


After a solar eclipse, there was a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Then the market crashed. Here is what I believe is the case:

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