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Quantitative trading

Quant Funds Must Have Realistic Targets

Trader education

Systems, Lies, and Emotions

Trader education, Trading Strategies

Are Trading Strategies Based on the RSI2 Random?

Quantitative trading, Trader education

Inaccurate Backtest Results Are Common

Risk Management

Data-Mining Bias Still Drives Wall Street Decisions

Quantitative trading

Market Overanalysis Is Detrimental To Success

Trader education

Momentum, Randomness And Survivorship Bias [Premium Articles]

Quantitative trading, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies

Backtesting Conundrum

Premium Content, Quantitative trading, Trader education

Inferences From Backtest Results Are False Until Proven True

Quantitative trading, Trading Strategies

Forward Performance Of Two Machine-Designed Trading Algos

Quantitative trading

Using Forex Data For Validating Trading Strategy Synthesis Algos

Trading Strategies

Why You Should Avoid Purchasing a Trading System

Premium Content, Trader education

Five Myths About Data-Mining Bias [Premium Articles]

Quantitative trading, Trading Strategies

Using Random Data to Test the Integrity of Machine Learning Algorithms

Quantitative trading, Trading Strategies

Fooled by Machine Learning Applied to Trading Algo Development

Trading Strategies

Curve-fitting and Optimization

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