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Profiting From Random Strategies

The bulk of trading strategies are random because they are either overfitted to noise or are the result of selection bias. However, there are ways of even profiting from random strategies. In this article I outline the general idea and … Continue reading

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Discovering Volume and Indicator Patterns With Price Action Lab

Price Action Lab was designed to work with price data but it can also be used to discover volume and indicator patterns. In this article we offer examples of how to use the program to discover volume and RSI patterns.

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Developing A Trading Strategy For FANG stocks

The development of a trading strategy for FANG stocks was based on applying portfolio backtest validation during the identification phase. This was done for the purpose of reducing data-mining bias. This article outlines the steps followed and the results.

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Identifying Momentum Price Patterns

Momentum is usually identified by a simple price pattern that compares current price to price N periods ago. This article considers an extended class of momentum price patterns and the results are used to develop longer-term trading models based on … Continue reading

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Developing Trading Systems Based on a Large Number of Price Patterns

Suppose that you have a large number of price patterns that you have tested and decided to trade. How do you develop a trading system based on them? ¬†Apparently, there are many ways of doing this that offer increased flexibility … Continue reading

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