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DLPAL LS Smoothed Features Add-on

We are pleased to announce the release the smoothed features add-on for DLPAL LS software.

Development and testing of the smooth features add-on for DLPAL LS took close to a year.  The add-on is now available for DLPAL LS version v5 (or higher in the future.)

This add-on offers potential for significant improvement in strategies developed with DLPAL LS features. Examples were included in this article a few months ago. Below is a comparison of normal and smooth features in the weekly timeframe for long/short Dow 30 signals included in our weekly market signals report.

Normal features (update to May 15, 2020)


Normal features year-to-date return is about 4.8%.

Smoothed features year-to-date performance


For smoothed features performance is about 10.8% in the same period. Therefore, smoothed features outperform normal by a wide margin.

Note that normal features may outperform smoothed during some periods of strong bull markets at very low volatility.

The smoothed features add-on is for DLPAL LS version 5 or higher (when released.) This add-on will not operate with previous versions. The add-on allows generating and updating smoothed features the same way as it was done with normal features. Settings that specify smoothed feature choice are saved on workspaces for daily/weekly runs and historical data generation.  Workspaces before the add-on are no longer compatible and will have to be created and saved again.

In addition, the add-on offers improved daily performance statistics and a function to toggle between all long/all short signals in the results. Below is an example of daily statistics.



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DLPAL LS offers a new and different way of developing trading strategies that does not rely on traditional indicators and systems.  This software is used by fund managers around the world to develop long-short and directional strategies for a variety of markets.

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