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Financial Media Celebrities And Their Market Calls

Photo by anna tarazevich

We constantly read on social media or listen to podcasts about financial media celebrities’ market calls, but they rarely provide any updates.

“The stock market will fall.”
“I am long gold.”
“I am short the US dollar.”
“Commodities will rise.”
“Buy bonds, short energy.”

The list is endless. In many cases, the market calls turn out to be disasters, like the last one that was made last year in Twitter Spaces.

The above market calls all have something in common: they are meaningless.

The complete definition of a trade involves the following:

  • An entry signal
  • An exit signal
  • Trade allocation and risk

When financial celebrities make market calls, rarely can one infer whether that is a new entry, an exit of an already open position, or what the allocation and risk are.

The objective of the articles, podcasts, or posts on social media is to get clicks. For those celebrities, there could be many objectives. It is all irrelevant.

I ignore financial media celebrities who do not provide updates about their market calls. They are part of the noise.

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