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Dynamic Momentum Signals

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new service, Dynamic Momentum Signals.

The Dynamic Momentum Strategy (DYNMOM) is a proprietary timing algorithm that trades the SPY ETF. Its objective is to maximize the Sharpe ratio and avoid market corrections. Signals are generated monthly.

According to historical backtests, DYNMOM has the potential to reduce risks while improving performance based on risk-adjusted returns. The strategy’s high win rate, reduced market exposure, and high Sharpe and skew ratios can help decrease the probability of experiencing a significant loss.

Market Signals and All-in-One subscribers can access the DYNMOM signals for free. A separate subscription for the signals is also available, which includes hybrid asset allocation signals. Click below for more information on how, in backtests, DYNMOM has avoided bear markets and corrections while delivering a Sharpe ratio of 1.



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