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M4 Conference Presentation

My PowerPoint presentation for the M4 conference held in New York City, December 10 – December 11, 2018, at the Tribeca Rooftop.

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Imminent Death Cross in S&P 500

Prepare for a large dose of mainstream financial media panic since the death cross is now imminent after the large drop on Tuesday, December 4, 2018..

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Only Reason For Stock Market Correction

Plenty of reasons for the recent stock market correction may be found in mainstream media and financial blogosphere. But the true reason is only one.

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Drawing Lines On Charts Is Not A Strategy

Maybe one of the biggest wastes in finance is using a Bloomberg terminal to draw a few lines on a chart. But we see it done many times each day. There are some explanations why so many do this. Do … Continue reading

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Buy The Dip On The Decline

Buy the dips has been a profitable simple strategy this year but its effectiveness is now on the decline after topping in February of this year. Often a top in this strategy is followed by a short-term correction due to … Continue reading

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