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Automatically updating history files

History files with .pih extension can be updated automatically by following this procedure.

  1. Request the executable file DLPALLSAU.exe zip file
  2. Download and extract the executable in the main directory of DLPALLS. Default directory is C:\DLPALLS but it can be any installation directory of the program. The file can be extracted in multiple program installation directories.
  3. Create a workspace in Tools-Create features history and then generate history files.
  4. Click  “Save default settings” to save the default settings of the workspace.
  5. Next time update the data files used to create the features.
  6. Run DLPALLSAU.exe to have the files automatically updated.


  1. Make sure you do not change the default settings in tools. To check the default settings go to Tools, “Create features history” and click “Load default settings.”
  2. Running DLPALLSAU.exe is equivalent to clicking “Update history files” from Tools.
  3. Important: It is a good idea to always make a backup of the .pih files before updating. This can be done in the same script that calls DLPALLSAU.exe