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End-of-Day Data Conversion

From the main program menu click Tools and then Data File Conversion.

Select the Source file to convert and specify its format in the Source File Settings. It is recommended to use a text editor in order to determine the format of the file before attempting to make the conversion. Select the Metastock compatible option if the source file was created by Metastock.

To convert to DLPAL compatible format mark the DLPAL Compatible option in the Target File Settings. Click Convert, select the file extension desired (.asc or .txt), the directory to store the new file and the new file name. Click Save to complete the conversion.

The following ASCII formats can be converted to a format compatible with DLPAL or to other formats:

Metastock ASCII files. These files should include a header line of the form


Date format: YYMMDD with the OPEN, HIGH, LOW AND CLOSE fields all space or comma delimited, no header line.

Date format: MM/DD/YYYY with the OPEN, HIGH, LOW AND CLOSE field all space or comma delimited, no header line.

Note:: After converting Metastock ASCII files to DLPAL compatible format the header will be removed from the target file.

Warning!   No Time Field. If there is a TIME field, then the Open field of the file converted to ASCII text will have zero values for the Open price throughout the data file.

Converting Metastock ASCII text format to DLPAL format using Tools

– From the main program menu select Tools and then Data file Conversion.

– Select the source file that was converted by the downloader from the directory it was saved and make sure the Metastock compatible option is marked in the file settings.

– In the target file settings leave marked default DLPAL Compatible format and click Convert. Select a new directory to save the file in DLPAL format (or the same directory with a different file name) and click Save to complete the conversion.