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Win Rate Calculator

From the main program menu click Tools and then Win Rate Calculator.

Input the value for the desired profit factor and the values of the profit target, stop-loss and then click Calculate to see the approximate value of the win rate.

The equation for the win rate as a function of the profit factor and ratio of average winning to average losing trade is the following.

P = 100 x PF/(PF + Rwl)

where P is the win rate, PF is the profit factor (equal to sum of winning trades divided by the sum of losing trades) and Rwl the average winning to average losing trade. A modified formula is used in the Win Rate Calculator as follows.

Pa = 100 x PF/[PF + k x (T/S)]

where Pa is the approximate win rate, T is the profit target, S the stop-loss and k is a factor that accounts for trading friction, set at 0.75 in the formula. In the case of short-term strategies, the theoretical and approximate values of the win rate are close for k=0 (no trading friction), provided a sufficiently large sample of trades is available.

You can access the Win Rate Calculator when creating a scan workspace in order to determine the appropriate value for this parameter. The profit target T and stop-loss S can be specified either as percentages of the entry price or increments added to the entry price (points) and must correspond to the values specified in the T/S file. If the T/S file contains multiple sets of profit target/stop-loss values, then the maximum value for the calculated win rate must be used.

Note: Local Regional Settings are overwritten with English Regional Settings conventions. Use “.”  for the decimal point.

Warning: T and S must be both specified as percentages or increments (points). Mixed values (one specified as percent and the other as increment) may give misleading figures for the win rate.