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File Maintenance

From the main program menu click Tools and then File Maintenance.

You can use the File Maintenance tool for housekeeping purposes. Clicking the appropriate button provides a list of related files. You can delete files by marking the box next to them or you can delete all files by marking Select All.

If you have saved workspaces, results, T/S or data files in directories of your choice, click the appropriate button on the left to activate the file extension and then search for the directory where the files are located.

Warning! Deletion of files is permanent and they cannot be recovered. Exercise caution when deleting files, especially with extensions .txt or .asc, as they may be not related to DLPAL. By using this tool you confirm that no one associated with the development and sales of DLPAL will be held responsible for files deleted when using this tool.

Merging Search Workspace Results

This function is very useful especially when combining different results files from multiple instances or runs of the program. Click Search Workspace under Results files, go to the directory where the results files to merge are located and mark the one to merge:

Click “Merge Files” and specify a name for the merged results:


Click Save to complete the operation.