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Creating workspaces for multiple searches

The multiple search lines on a search workspace can be used to create multiple searches for the same or different data files with different parameters. Different search lines may be created to with a different mix of the following:

1.        T/S files with different profit-target and stop-loss objectives
2.        Percentage or point profit-targets and stop-losses
3.        Different criteria for the success rate, minimum trades and maximum consecutive losers.
4.        Different trade input points (Open or Close) and delay ranges
5.        Different data files

Each line is created separately. The Test Sample Size, Common Features Only, Common Profit Factor and Maximum Common % options are the same for all search lines and are not saved.

Tip: A single Search Workspace may be created to contain all markets of interest and associated parameters. The multiple search may be executed regularly, for example every six months, to reflect the new data and the results may be used to update systems added to system tracking or their code in other platforms.