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Year In Review 2021

A curated list of articles with high number of clicks published this year in Price Action Lab Blog.


Central Banks have Transformed Tail Risk into Tail Reward

Options Trading Frenzy Breaks CBOE SKEW Index


Have Bonds Actually Underperformed Stocks?


The Battle for Irrelevant Statistics Reporting

There Will Always Be Market Anomalies

Dual-Axis Charts Are Not Forecasts

A Meta-Strategy Is Absolutely Necessary


Fallacy of the Converse in Markets

Broader Market is Irrelevant

Issues and Risks of Identifying Trading Strategies Suggested by the Data

At Least Show the Full Chart


A Good Market Timer is the Best Passive Investor

Hedge Funds Risks From T-Statistic Use

Linear Scale Charts Support The Bubble Narrative


High Stocks-Bonds Correlation is Not Unusual

Many Crypto Traders Need to Understand Zero-Sum Games

The Fallacy of the Persistent IPO Investor


A Simple But Persistent Anomaly in U.S. Stock Market

50,000% in About Six Months

Systematic Trading is Hard but Discretionary is Even Harder

Chart of the Month: S&P 500 Vs. GDP

Trading Strategy “Over-fitting” Is Not the Main Concern


Multiplicative Process Growth is Not Necessarily Due to Bubble

Correlation and Modern Portfolio Theory


The Low Sharpe Uptrend in Equities

Timeframe Matters For Various Market Participants


Retail Traders Have The Advantage of Freedom

My Two Satoshis For New Traders

Never Short Something You Don’t Understand


An Irrelevant Forecast Made in 1999 About Dow Jones Reaching 36000

The Chart of Broken Dreams

Is Risk-Return Trade-Off Phony?


Adverse Effects of Trading High Volatility Markets

The Second Strongest Year in Stock Market

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